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Love in the time of COVID-19

The time for US to change has been long overdue, but now it just might be unavoidable. Change must come, or change will come, one way or another. A lot will be said and written about these times, especially about how each country came face to face with its own choices of self-government. History will record, through its dispassionate looking-glass, who governed us and how. What sort of social contract were we promised? What type of social contract did we formally adhere to, and by which social contract were we bound in reality? History will record what type of people our leaders, our role-models, our thinkers, and our influencers were. As a reflection and a measure of that, it will record to whom and to what we ascribed value, voice, opportunity and importance, and what our most fundamental principles and guiding values were. More importantly, and perhaps less dispassionately as stakeholders, future generations will scrutinize how we dealt with our greatest societal st

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